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Advertising Fee Payment

We will pay you advertising fees on a monthly basis for Qualifying Purchases shipped, streamed, or downloaded (as applicable) in a given month, subject to any applicable withholding or deduction described below. We will pay you approximately 60 days following the end of each calendar month, but we may accrue and withhold advertising fees until the total amount due to you is at least INR1000 in case of NEFT transfers.

The advertising fee payable to you is inclusive of all taxes including applicable service tax or goods and services tax or other tax or levy that you may be required to remit in connection with such services for which you will raise a valid invoice under applicable law(s) and regulations and report it in the returns within the prescribed time limit so that Partner Site can take input tax credit of the taxes paid. You undertake to comply with any of the applicable provisions of such law including but not limited to:

  • timely issuance of GST compliant invoices;
  • making the invoices available to Partner Site;
  • depositing applicable taxes on a periodic basis; and
  • correctly reporting them to the government under tax laws.

If at any time credit of taxes is denied or payment of taxes is sought from Partner Site or GoAffPro, due to, but not limited to, issuance of a deficient invoice, default in payment of taxes, inappropriate reporting in the returns filed or non-compliance of applicable laws and regulations by you, you shall indemnify Partner Site and GoAffPro against any denied credits or taxes recovered as well as any interest and penalties imposed on Partner Site and GoAffPro. If required by applicable Indian tax law, we may deduct or withhold taxes, levies or any similar amounts from the advertising fees payable to you. If you are an Indian resident, advertising fees payable to you will be subject to income tax withholding at the rate stipulated under applicable law. If you are not an Indian resident or have not provided us your PAN (Permanent Account Number), the rate of tax withholding applicable to you will vary. Further, if you are a non-resident, you agree to provide necessary documentation, as may be required, for Partner Site and GoAffPro to satisfy any reporting or any obligations with respect to the advertising fee payable to you. If we deduct or withhold taxes from advertising fees payable to you, we will issue to you the relevant withholding tax certificate, if required under the applicable law, evidencing deposit of the taxes with the relevant regulatory authorities (for non-resident this is subject to relevant documents made available). If you provide us with a nil or reduced withholding tax certificate, we will apply such nil or reduced tax rate as the applicable withholding tax rate on advertising fees payable to you. You hereby agree that you will not pursue any claim against P or any of its affiliates, and hereby waive all such claims you may now or in the future have, in respect of any taxes Partner Site and GoAffPro deposits with a relevant taxing authority pursuant to the this Operating Agreement.


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