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Star Lip Mask

Sale price£4.69

Introducing **Clear Star Lip Mask**: Experience the magic of our nourishing lip treatment designed to pamper and hydrate your lips with a touch of celestial charm. This unique lip mask combines the clarity of a clear formula with the shimmering allure of star-like particles, creating a radiant and enchanting look.

- **Hydrating Formula**: Infused with moisturizing ingredients to deeply nourish and soften lips.
- **Clear with Star Particles**: Offers a clear appearance with sparkling star-like particles for a shimmering effect.
- **Restorative**: Helps to repair and replenish dry, chapped lips.
- **Smooth Application**: Glides on effortlessly for a comfortable wear.
- **Gentle**: Formulated to be gentle and suitable for all skin types.

Treat your lips to the cosmic care they deserve with the **Clear Star Lip Mask**, and revel in the celestial beauty of nourished, shimmering lips.

Star Lip Mask
Star Lip Mask Sale price£4.69